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Introducing a new alternative for YOU! 


Legworks Learning Hub:


What is this about? 


Legworks Learning Hub is a day program for students of Legworks to do their school work efficiently with “Educational Guides” (teachers) & Tutors to help with their school work, right here at LEGWORKS their second home. 


If you’re a parent who’s frustrated with teaching your children or afraid they may not do their school work properly home alone....LOOK NO FURTHER! 


Instead of your child(ren) staying home by themselves discouraged by virtual learning, they get to attend our Hub 

where they receive tech assistance, educational assistance, & extracurricular activities in small cohorts, under teacher leadership in a safe and enriching environment. This program is designed to compliment online instruction and provide safe socialization while allowing children to use their creative minds. Serving the WHOLE child. 


Whether you sign up for 1 day per month, 2 half days per week, or three full days per week or month, this month to month (no contract) program allows flexibility in booking days, times, and provides affordable rates for families of all sizes. 


Prices starting at $7 per hour for a family with 1 child. 


If you have any questions: please email 

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